Pleasure hand with his touch,

i chose skins tanning plant (plants, bark of tree), full leathers flower cow and goat.

As natural, leather may have small defects (scars, veins, blotches...). These traces prove their purity, their noblesses, and make each piece unique.

The term "full grain" means that the skin retains its natural, thickness, quality guarantee.

The Leather Is a vivid and living matter. She patina softens and embellished over the years.

However, without maintenance, it may dry out or crack.

It's strongly advised to avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, heat (radiator to excluded) and fats, otherwise irreversible damage. As well as  the contact with raw materials can alter flower and black.

Girl's advice: Do not wear a bag with light color on a dark garment, and vise versa as this may cause color transfer.

For the maintenance of your natural leathers and unvarnished !, beeswax is the best protection.

Apply with a soft cloth and if frequent exposure to sun renewed operation regularly.